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We all have similar concerns and stories to share about a typical patient/day/week etc. These are some things I have encountered along my career so far.

Those darn braces and my sassy son!

  I know I can’t be alone on this! I have a 13 year old son in full Ortho-I’m sure you already know where this is going…13 year old…Ortho…ugh! 

I pretty much have to check his teeth daily to make sure he’s taking good care of them, but let’s be real, who has that kind of discipline?  Most days, the best I do is at least ask him if he brushed and flossed. Some nights I actually remember to examine them, like the night before an Ortho check up! Guilty! I instantly get embarrassed seeing how inflamed the gums are especially around the lower anteriors. The past month I was in disbelief when I saw demineralization on the cervical margin. I was angry with him but more disgusted with myself for not checking him more often. I know better! I am fully aware that most 13 year olds are content with sliding the toothbrush up one side and down the other and call it a job well done. The embarrassing part comes the next day when we show our face at the Ortho appointment. They know. They know he hasn’t been brushing and flossing. They know I haven’t been checking him carefully. The worst is they know I’m a dental hygienist! What hygienist wants to hear oral hygiene instruction from their Ortho office? Not this girl!

Of course, the next day or two after the appointment we are back on board. He’s brushing with the electric toothbrush he’s had for years, flossing with the Ortho flossers, rinsing with fluoride rinse and I’m carefully checking his work to make sure things look good. This is great! We can do this! …for a day or two… Than we are right back into our old lazy habits. 

Dental hygienist-we don’t just clean teeth.

We are precise, picky (no pun intended), professionals who love to learn and love to share what we know. I envision this forum to be a place where I can share my personal experiences and things I have learned throughout my dental life.  I have built a successful career working in a variety of dental settings-private practice, public health and dental temping- all while managing 3 kids, 2 dogs and 1 husband. I am looking forward to sharing my posts and making friends along the way. Stop back soon for my first blog post.